Pierre Retief advises on Taxes Payable when Purchasing a Property

Pre sale

Mandate: Seller to contact estate agency to list house.
Purchaser to make the offer.
Seller to accept the offer (Initiate sales transaction).
Instruction to attorney.


Attorney to draft transfer and bond documents.
Seller and Purchaser to sign documents at attorneys’ offices.
Purchaser to pay transfer and bond costs.

Bond Approval

Purchaser to apply for bond through personal banker or bond originator.
Financial institution to give quotation on bond application.
Purchaser to accept quotation.
Bond approval.
Instruction to attorney


Attorneys to lodge documents with deeds office.
Registration of property into purchaser’s name within 10-14 working days.
Registration Attorney to attend to finalisation of finances.

Perfection of Notarial Bonds

Collection of Outstanding Rentals & Evictions

Conveyancing (Transferring of Properties)

Related Property Law Advice & Civil Litigation


Foreclosure on Mortgage Bonds

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