Tax Law & Tax Dispute Resolution

We offer an array of specialised tax law and tax administration related litigation services, which includes:

  • Effective dispute resolution;
  • Objections and appeals
  • Penalty remissions;
  • Tax Court applications, in instances where:
    • SARS fails to adhere to dispute resolution deadlines;
    • Refuses to give reasons for assessments;
    • Do not accept condonation for the late filing of an objection or appeal;
    • Exception applications against baseless assessments,
  • High Court applications pertaining to:
    • The late payment of VAT refunds;
    • Unlawful collection proceedings initiated by SARS;
    • Review applications against unlawful decision taken by SARS;
    • Related interdictory relief.

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Tax Dispute Resolution

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Deceased Estates & Estate Duty

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